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15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Ariana Marsh

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pandora stylish gifts featured 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Image: Pandora/Tictail/Brixton/Rodin/Acne/Edie Parker/Shopbop. Design: Kinrick Fleuradin.

Everyone’s got those friends who just ooze cool and seem to do it effortlessly. Their apartments are filled with the most beautiful knickknacks by this or that up-and-coming artist. They know about all of the trendiest coffeehouse hangs before anyone else. And their wardrobe is the stuff fashion dreams are made of. They’re some of the best people to hang out with and get inspired by, but when it comes to shopping for gifts for them? It can be stressful as heck.

What does one buy the person who has their finger on the pulse of all that is trendy and covetable? Luckily, there’s way too much good stuff out there by under-the-radar designers and mega brands alike for one person to ever have seen (much less own) it all. Below are 15 gifts that even the biggest design nerds and fashion girls will lose it over, spanning from handmade home decor to head-turning clothes and accessories. Who’s oozing cool now?


Acne Studios Striped Stretch-Cotton Socks

socks1 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Despite their bad rap, socks can actually be an incredible gift, especially when they’re by Acne Studios. The retro stripes, the robot face appliqué —it’s all so good.

Acne Studios striped stretch-cotton socks, $45 at Matches Fashion

Zoe Karssen Embroidered Loose-Fit Sweatshirt


zoe karssen sweatshire 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Slime green is one of the trendiest colors du jour. But beyond its alienesque hue, this sweatshirt also rules for the tiny embroidered hearts that dot it. “You’ll do,” they read—a sentiment every woman can relate to.

Zoe Karssen embroidered loose-fit sweatshirt, $158 at Shopbop

Dazzling Wishes Bracelet Gift Set

dazzling wishes bracelet cmyk 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Buying jewelry as a gift can be a tricky task, but this sterling-silver bracelet makes it easy. Featuring a wintry dangle charm studded with cubic zirconia as well as two equally shimmery clips, it’s simple elegance at its best. To make it extra special, the back of the charm is engraved with the message “The best is yet to come.” A bracelet that doubles as a positive daily reminder? Yes, please.

Dazzling Wishes Bracelet Gift Set, $179 at PANDORA

Le Labo Hinoki Travel Set

le labo 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

If you’ve got a friend who is constantly on the go and enjoys the finer shower products in life, this set of mini shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner by Le Labo will make their heart sing. The luxury brand is known for its addicting fragrances, and its Hinoki scent, which is inspired by the Buddhist temples and hinoki trees of Mount Koya in Japan, is one of the best.

Le Labo Hinoki travel set, $55 at Le Labo

Tazi Sunglasses

gentle monser sunglasses 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

No one can ever have too many sunglasses, especially ones like these. They’re the perfect amalgamation of form and function and are so covetable, you might just be tempted to keep them for yourself.

Tazi sunglasses, $260 at Gentle Monster

Vanna Youngstein Atomic Strawberry Tank

opening ceremony polka dot shirt 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Show your friend that you think she’s the bomb with this not-so-sweet strawberry tank top.

Vanna Youngstein Atomic Strawberry tank, $35 at Opening Ceremony

Tom Dixon Bump Jug

bumg jug1 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Part jug, part flower vase, this borosilicate glass beauty is ideal for small apartments where multipurpose items are key. Its millennial pink hue and sculpturesque design ensure it doesn’t sacrifice form for function.

Tom Dixon Bump Jug, $150 at Coming Soon

Rodin Lip Balm Ring

goop lip balm 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

The most aughts beauty accessory there ever was! It conveniently puts hydrating lip balm at your literal fingertips and looks ridiculously cute while doing it.

Rodin lip balm ring$15 at Goop

Edie Parker and Goo.ey Rainbow iPhone Case

edie parker iphone case 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Just looking at this phone case makes you instantly happier. Imagine how good it would feel to unwrap one bought specially for you and see it emblazoned with your initial.

Edie Parker and Goo.ey rainbow-printed plastic iPhone 6 and 7 case, $45 at Net-a-Porter

Brixton Ginsberg Cap

brixton ginsberg cap 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Think of this as the adult version of giving someone a teddy bear, except it’s warm and wearable and instantly makes any outfit look super rad.

Brixton Ginsberg cap$45 at Brixton

Figuratone Limited-Edition Print

 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Limited-edition artwork is one of the best gifts around. Not only does it support the artist you buy it from, but it also feels super unique and special. This gorgeous piece in particular was created by Swedish fashion designer and artist Eitil Thorén Due, so you know your style-obsessed friend will love it.

Figuratone limited-edition print$186 at Tictail

Staud Mini Shirley Bag

shopbop staud bag1 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

From its clear vinyl outer to its croc-embossed leather handles and zip compartment, this bag combines two of the season’s biggest trends in the most imaginative of ways. It’s definitely a piece that’ll make for a freak-out-worthy gift—you’re drooling over it yourself, aren’t you?

Staud mini Shirley bag, $195 at Shopbop

Polaroid Originals OneStep Plus i-Type Instant Camera

camera 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so giving someone a really cool Polaroid speaks volumes. The Bluetooth-enabled camera was inspired by a model from the ’70s and includes a smartphone app for more editing options. It’s always good to have a friend around to snap cute Polaroids of you, right?

Polaroid Originals OneStep Plus i-Type instant camera$160 at Urban Outfitters

Mask Duo

maskduo carousel 01 compressor 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask work together to leave skin healthy, hydrated and happier than ever. They’re also made by the coolest beauty brand on Earth and boast killer packaging; so, yeah, anyone would be happy to add these to their bathroom counter.

Mask Duo, $40 at Glossier

Classic Girl Pot

gp holiday 2018 0906 720x 15 Gifts for the Most Stylish Woman You Know

Image: Group Partner.

These clay pots have been topping pretty much everyone’s wish list all year thanks to their fun, playful vibe. Any succulent that gets to call one home is lucky—there’s no way their plant mom will forget to water them.

Classic Girl Pot, $65 at

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