The Most Stylish Face Masks for Women

Alicia Kort
The Most Stylish Face Masks for Women
Photo: Shutterstock.

Forget shoes, bags and jewelry, face masks are the most popular and important accessory. If you’re going to be wearing face masks in public for the foreseeable future, you might as well make a fashion statement with them. These masks can come in bright colors and feature intricate patterns, ranging from animal print to florals. There’s even variety out there that you can match your favorite dress to your face mask. You can find a mask that matches your aesthetic, whether you’re into vintage glamour or loud animal print. 

We found the most stylish face masks for women. But these masks don’t only have style, they have substance, too. They’re designed to be comfortable and also form-fitting. You’ll be able to breathe easily, while keeping your face completely covered. Some face masks can be too loose or tight, but these are designed to conform to your face. All of our picks are re-wearable, so you won’t be adding to landfill by throwing a face mask out after every use. You can and should wash your face mask after every use. Two of our picks are machine washable, which makes this process super easy.

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1. Stylish Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Stylish Cotton Face Mask

Courtesy of HOPE LOVE SHINE.

With this set, you get five cute face masks, each featuring a unique pattern and color. The masks have adjustable ear straps, so your ears won’t be sore after a long day of wear. The masks are also made out of 100% cotton, which means that they’ll be gentle on the skin.

2. DewAmor Reusable, Washable Neoprene/Cotton Face Mask


DewAmor Reusable, Washable Neoprene/Cotton Face Mask

Courtesy of DewAmor.

This burgundy face mask is made out of neoprene and cotton. The great thing about the color burgundy is that it looks good on just about everyone. Neoprene is the material used to make wetsuits, so you know that it’s stretchy, sturdy and protective against dust particles. This mask will conform to your face, unlike other looser cotton mask options. It is washable, so you can wear it multiple times.

3. Adjustable Face Mask Cover Mouth for Unisex

Woplagyreat Face Mask

Courtesy of Woplagyreat.

This 3-layer design is made out of high-quality cotton and is budget-friendly. There’s a metal nose clip that ensures that your face mask fits closely over your face. The ear loops are also adjustable, so you can be comfortable all day long.

4. Perry Ellis Standard Reusable Rounded Woven Fabric Face Masks

Perry Ellis Standard Reusable Rounded Woven Fabric Face Masks

Courtesy of Perry Ellis.

Match your Nap dress or Prairie-inspired dresses with this face mask trio. You get pink, purple and blue gingham face masks with this set. They’re all made out of cotton and have a filter compartment. The best part about these masks is that they’re machine washable.

5. Designer Face Masks For Women

Designer Face Masks For Women

Courtesy of HOPE LOVE SHINE.

Each of these masks have triple layers with space for a filter pocket if you want extra protection. There’s a plaid mask, a gingham mask, a blue mask and a black mask in this set, which can be worn any time of year.