You Can Now Make Real Money From Your Fashion Selfies

Leah Bourne

It’s not really a secret that top bloggers have been monetizing the act of promoting brands on Instagram for a while now, but thanks to the new app called Stylinity, us common folk can make money doing the same thing: Posting selfies and tagging brands.

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With Stylinity, users start by scanning the barcodes of products that they own or are trying on while shopping, simply using the camera on a smartphone. Wondering if your clothing even has a barcode? Basically everything bought at a major retailer does, and it’s usually located by the tag that tells you how to care for that piece of clothing.

From there, when that user posts a selfie with that particular product, a shoppable link and a description of the item that gets shared too. That way when a friend or one of the user’s other followers wants to buy the product, there’s a direct link to it. Users then earn rewards points from retailers which are redeemable for cash or products.

For this to work, it has to be an item from one of Stylinity’s partner retailers—but the app is working with over 180 already including Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, so the chances are pretty high that you’ll be able to participate.

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“It’s like an automated photo booth in the dressing room,” Tadd Spering, the app’s founder and CEO, told Digiday. “It plays on the fun part of discovery, without the tedium of having to search for products.”

Who said taking selfies is pointless?