Styling Tips in Threes – Can You Inspire Me?


Black, white and grey all over. Throw in a little khaki and I would have been really impressed. Oh and how I wish Childhood Flames would give us a head scratch (like Fashion Toast) or hair-hold pose (like Sea of Shoes) to finish off this holy trinity of looks.

It’s hard to be inspired to get dressed when the weather insists on being so difficult. Ok already, we get it.. it rains in May! Dear Mother Nature, please shine some light on me! My clothes can’t handle being constantly rained on. Luckily, our favorite bloggers don’t live in this rainy city. All three of these PYT’s are unaffected by the torrential downpour so today, they are my guiding light.

Ok, enough with my ranting and on to your inspiration for the day. Send me pictures of yourself in your favorite outfits and if they truly inspire, I will share them with the StyleCaster world of influencers. It’s your turn for your 15 minutes of fame: