StyleSetter: Anthea King


Name:                 Anthea King
Age:                    33
Occupation:       Makeup Artist
Location:            NYC

1. First things first: Where do you shop? Do you have a secret store?
I love to shop at Barney’s, Intermix, cool little stores in NoLita like Tracy Feith, Sigerson Morrison, Calypso, and INA. I also have a secret shoe store on Church and Reade where I can get great shoes from last season: Chloe and Miu Miu for $150 or less!

2. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I love classic dressing with a twist. Also, I love mixing high and low.

3. What is the ultimate item on your wish list this season?

Christian Dior Extreme Cutout Sandal

4. Who are your favorite designers?
Lanvin, YSL, Vanessa Bruno, and Isabel Marant

5. If you could swap closets with anyone, who would it be?

Carine Roitfeld

6. What are your favorite online destinations?,

7. If you had a time machine, which style era would you visit first?
1800s “Belle Epoque” in Paris.

8. If you could get fashion advice from one person, living or dead, who would it be?
Diana Vreeland.

9. If you could emulate the style of a fictional character, who would it be?
Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby.

10. Tell us about the five pieces you find yourself buying, wearing, and replacing over and over agai
Black leather pencil skirt, camel cashmere cardigan, black flats, Chanel bags, and black leather jackets.

11. How much is too much to spend on a pair of shoes?
My unwritten rule is $800 for shoes and $1400 for boots but it’s all relative.

12. Who is your style soul mate?
Jackie O. She always looked timeless, never dated.

13. It’s your Final Supper—who’s there and what meal do you ask for?
It would be my best friends and family. I say you can never go wrong with Surf and Turf. I’d want the best steak and the best lobster with lots of side dishes and melted butter.

14. Did you go to Prom? What did you wear?
Yes, two of them! I wore a white silk dress with pearls on the shoulder and Stuart Weitzman lace sandals. I loved my outfit.

15. What theme song best describes your life?

Hotel California. It channels my inner California girl.