Styleline: Russell Brand, Wet Curls


Russell Brand was recently quoted saying, “Life is not a theme park, and if it is, the theme is death.”

The theme of life is death? Oh. How so very morbid, Russ. But who are you trying to fool? The theme of life is watching the progression of your styleline…presented exclusively by StyleCaster.

We thought you were going back to London on August 6 so we have been anxiously scoping lower Manhattan neighborhoods looking for you. Unfortunately for us, you’re obviously back in London already, as this picture would suggest.

Now, let’s talk fashion. Brand sort of missed it on this one and therefore we don’t want to emulate. We’re kind of upset to see his beaded necklace is no more, and for the fourth consecutive time he is wearing clothing that is too small on him. If the pants aren’t skin-tight, and the tank top isn’t sculpting the shape of nipples, the jacket has to be cropped, doesn’t it.

We’re surprised you’re even wearing anything underneath the mini-jacket. Cool scarf…and curly chest hair, it kind of compliments your wet frizzhead (do you use a blow dryer?)

We sort of like your rugged boots, even though they remind us of Courtney Love‘s train wreck of an outfit from yesterday.

Speaking of which, since you’re so active on Twitter, why don’t you start following @SCStylist also? We style for you, so you don’t have to.

Can’t wait to see you back in New York this September for the MTV Video Music Awards, tweet us! XOSC

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