Styleline: Russell Brand and Jeggings


Confession: we may or may not need to admit ourselves into Russell-Brand-Anonymous, because we are Russellaholics! (Crickets)…anyone?

But really, we actually can’t stop following Russell Brand while he continues to trail around the West Village, enjoying his stay in NYC.

You know what’s coming, right? RBrand, are those JBrand? They are tight. Tighter than your lady friend’s jeans for sure.

So we think we’re getting the hang of Brand’s style. He loves tight pants, tank tops, and this one beaded necklace that seems to be stapled to his neck. Easy to emulate, no?

The friend is pretty fashion forward, wearing a 3.1 Philip Lim zipper-detail top (which we are sure Russell would borrow if it were stretch material) and a taupe Prada satchel (which we are sure Russell will borrow when he starts wearing man-purses.) Plus, to quote The Hangover’s brilliant and well-spoken Zach Galifianikis, also known as Alan Gardner, also known as Fat Jesus: “it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.”

So there you have it, Russell Brand may or may not be spotted wearing a satchel during our next RB Styleline update and that’s okay, emulate away. Why? Because Fat Jesus said so.

Oh Russ, please don’t go back to the UK.