Styleline: Russell Brand and High Heels


As we know, Russell Brand is back in London, sporting wet curls and a cropped blazer. And while we were sad to see him go, we’re also thrilled because he’s filming a new movie. That’s right; filming for Get Him to The Greek has commenced. The movie title, like Russell Brand’s existence, makes no sense, but is nonetheless fantastic. Get Him to The Greek can only mean more quotable moments, compliments of the funniest British comedian…ever.

Do I sound like a creepy RB fan? I am.

Now, on to what he’s wearing. His tight jeans no longer surprise us, even when they’re gray. Nor does his choice to wear deep v-neck t-shirts with little scarves wrapped (so) tightly around his neck.

But Russell, tell us, is there any particular reason the cowboy boots you’ve chosen are high heeled AND BRONZE? We’d also like to remind you that we said goodbye to cowboy boots forever after we accidentally followed that trend circa Urban Outfitters 2003 (lapse in judgement, we’re only human.)

Please, tweet @SCStylist. We’re taking over the Twitterverse, one stylish tweet at a time.

In the meantime, ladies and gents, I leave you with Russell Brand’s most memorable tweets from the weekend:

RT @rustyrockets The water from the Trafalgar Sq fountain is unlikely to be bottled as a life giving elixir as, since my dip, I appear to have tuberculosis.

And twenty minutes later

RT @rustyrockets I don’t really have TB or rickets or any other Victorian malady; in fact I think the fountain has a Lourdes like ability to engender health.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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