#StyleChat: The Most Stylish Twitter Chat

Kerry Pieri

Introducing #StyleChat:

Every Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm EST you can join us while we talk style on Twitter!

What is #StyleChat:

#StyleChat is a Twitter Chat, hosted by the StyleCaster team. The idea is simple. Every Wednesday, from 3pm to 4pm, join us on Twitter while we answer questions, turn to you for advice, and share some great tips.

Being a part of the chat is simple, just follow @StyleCaster on Twitter and ask us questions! Don’t forget to add the hashtag #StyleChat to your tweets so we can see them all. (Not sure what a HashTag is? Learn more here).

How’s it Work?

We like to keep things fun and not too complicated. So here is how we hope it works out (If it gets messy or hard to follow, tell us! We’re just hosting the chat; it’s really for you!)

  • We’ll start with a call for questions (feel free to leave questions in the comments here too!)
  • Send your questions to @StyleCaster with the hashtag #StyleChat
  • @StyleCaster will Re-Tweet each question and then answer it.
  • Once a question has been Re-Tweeted please feel free to add your advice and tips! We want to hear from you!!
  • The conversation moves very quickly and we like to share your answers and advice as well, so please try to Tweet only referring to the current topic- it makes following #StyleChat much easier and more fun for everyone.

How to Easily Follow Along:

It might be difficult to follow #StyleChat on the Twitter website, and we don’t want you to miss anything, so here’s two recommended sites for following Twitter Chats.

One great way to follow the chat is on TweetChat. Here’s a link to the Style Chat Room. If you don’t want to connect with another site, you can use Twitter Search. Here’s a link to the Style Chat Search.