#StyleChat Covers Tartan or Tweed, Skinny Tuxedos, and More

Rachel Siegel

Thank you to everyone that joined us for #StyleChat! As usual, it was awesome because of you! If you’re not sure what #StyleChat is and wand to take part, you can learn more about our Twitter chat here.

If you didnt get a chance to join us this week, heres a quick recap of what we talked about and hopefully next week youll be able to chime in!

ScotlandShop: @StyleCaster #StyleChat will tartan or tweed be stronger for Autumn/winter?
StyleCaster: Commercially? Tartan!

JessGeigerATL: @StyleCaster What is the perfect #Summer #Festival (like @Bonnaroo) outfit?#stylechat
StyleCaster: Anything you mind getting covered in mud, sweat and beer! A wide brim floppy hat is a must have accessory for summer! #StyleChat

rationaldresser: @StyleCaster scored some sheer black pants from a thrift store recently but NO idea what to wear them with/how to wear them! #StyleChat
StyleCaster: I like when ppl wear them with black bike shorts underneath and then just treat them like regular pants.#StyleChat

theIndustryX: @StyleCaster Is it okay to wear a skinny tuxedo #StyleChat
StyleCaster: Not gonna lie-Russel Brand actually looked good in his Oscar tux

We also wanted to give a special shout out and thanks to@YourGalKara, @GlamOLand, @theIndustryX, and our friends @Bergdorfs for joining us and asking questions this week!

Were really excited about the chat and hope you are too! Have any ideas on how we can make it better or how to grow it? Leave a comment and let us know, or tweet us @StyleCaster! We cant wait to hear from you!