StyleCaster Top 10: Taylor ‘Crazy For Kennedy’ On Cosmo Cover, Bill Cunningham Braves Hurricane Sandy, More

Perrie Samotin

tt StyleCaster Top 10: Taylor Crazy For Kennedy On Cosmo Cover, Bill Cunningham Braves Hurricane Sandy, More

hat better way to close out the day than with 10 must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top 10 each evening, so tweet us at @StyleCaster #SC10.

1. Although Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy were rumored to have split, the cover of Cosmo’s December issue proclaims otherwise. [Cosmopolitan]

2. Even Hurricane Sandy didn’t stop octogenarian Bill Cunningham from biking, snapping pics, being awesome. [NYT Metro Desk Twitter]

3. If too much makeup can cause early menopause, Kim Kardashian might be in trouble. [Refinery 29]

4. In case anyone had doubts about Kelsey Grammer’s parenting skills, the “Boss” star explains why he took his three-month old daughter to a Playboy party. [Us Weekly]

5.  A look at historic NYC restaurants affected by Hurricane Sandy. [The Vivant]

6. London retailer (and Kate Middleton favorite) L.K. Bennett is teaming up with Tank Magazine fashion director (and mega street-style star) Caroline Issa for a capsule collection. [WWD]

7. Seven DIY food masks that really work. [Beauty High]

8.  Jessica Simpson’s kid is a chicken for Halloween, no word on what Jess is supposed to be though (besides “slimmed down”). [People]

9. Speaking of the Simpson family, um, there’s this. [Radar Online]

10. Want to contribute to Hurricane Sandy relief? Here’s a list of worthy organizations. [Glamour]