StyleCaster Top 10: Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers Deal In Jeopardy, No NYC store for ASOS, More

Perrie Samotin

Jessica Simpson: Nailed it. This beautiful mom-to-be's foray into fashion has been a massive hit. I mean, have you seen the shoes?! Plus her new jeans line flew off shelves last year, which makes her one of the most successful celebrity designers in history.

What better way to close out the day than with 10 must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top 10 each evening, so tweet us at @StyleCaster #SC10.

1. After all the hype about Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watcher endorsement, it turns out that if she’s preggers—as Us Weekly swears she is—the deal could be no more. [Us Weekly]

2. Contrary to (misguided) rumors, ASOS will NOT be opening a store in New York City. Boo. [Fashionista]

3. The super-buzzy Target x Neiman Marcus collaboration might have been a bust. [WSJ]

4. Can’t make it to Miami for Art Basel this weekend? Here are 10 Instagram accounts to stalk. [The Vivant]

5. So, Pizza Hut perfume is a thing. [MarketWire]

6. Watch men dressed as swans break down some seriously choreographed moves in Jenni Kayne’s oddly captivating holiday video. [Elle]

7. Speaking of holiday videos, check out John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’s oddly UNcaptivating attempt. [People]

8. One of many royal family retrospectives we’ll surely be seeing. [Elle UK]

9.  A good read: The decadence of procreating. [The Cut]

10.  Eddie Murphy, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock among Hollywood’s most overpaid stars. [Forbes]