StyleCaster Top 10: Jennifer Lawrence Says Acting Is “Stupid,” Jay-Z to Score “Gatsby” Movie, More

Perrie Samotin

jenni StyleCaster Top 10: Jennifer Lawrence Says Acting Is Stupid, Jay Z to Score Gatsby Movie, More

What better way to close out the day than with 10 must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top 10 each evening, so tweet us at @StyleCaster #SC10.

1. We get it, Vanity Fair cover girl Jennifer Lawrence: You’re not jaded. But if acting’s so “stupid” here’s an idea: We think you should reject any further Oscar nominations. [Vanity Fair]

2. Jay-Z to write the original score to “The Great Gatsby.” [E!]

3. More on why the Target + Neiman Marcus collection was an “epic retail fail.” [Time]

4. Sofia Vergara’s boobs made an unintentional appearance in the midst of a nightclub brawl on New Year’s Eve. [Gawker]

5. Speaking of NYE, looks like Gwyneth Paltrow’s was packed with Champagne and, um, less-than-fluid dance moves. Laughable GIFs this way. [BuzzFeed]

6. See the first pics of Lena Dunham’s V magazine pics, shot by Terry Richardson [The Cut]

7. Kim Kardashian baby bump watch has officially, annoyingly begun. [x17Online]

8. So, you know how LeAnn Rimes is always shot by the paparazzi in a skimpy bikini? Turns out, they’re so not spontaneous. [RadarOnline]

9. Azealia Banks doesn’t want to be rapper forever. [Pop Crush]

10. The week in tabloids: Stars with no makeup, stars in bikinis. Status quo. basically. [Jezebel]