Reminder: Tune into Tomorrow’s #StyleChat Co-Hosted By CUSP at Neiman Marcus


Ever wish you could effortlessly get insider fashion tips, chat with editors and fashion experts, and share your own advice? That’s what our weekly #StyleChat is all about! In case you’ve never joined in before, here’s the lowdown: Every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST, you can join @StyleCaster on Twitter while we talk fashion and turn to experts (and you!) for advice.

This week’s #StyleChat will be co-hosted by CUSP at Neiman Marcus, who just launched their “Make Some Noise” campaign celebrating fearless, bold, and stylish women transforming the pop culture, fashion, and music landscapes today. You’ll be able to tweet directly with CUSP Fashion Director, Caroline Maguire and ask her all your questions about fashion and style!

If you want to visually join the conversation now with @NeimanMarcus,  you can by posting pictures of women who rock using the hashtag #OnTheCusp on Instagram and Twitter.

Thinking about all that fashionable tweeting put you in the mood to shop? Well you’re in luck because CUSP is having a special sale through the rest of the week from March 20-23: If you spend $300 you get the gift of a gorgeous rose gold cuff and if you spend $500 you get $50 off your Contemporary/CUSP purchases! Click here to start shopping now!

For more information on our relationship with CUSP at Neiman Marcus: