StyleCaster Short Film Featuring Jessica Joffe


If you happened to be walking through the streets of SoHo or the West Village this past Friday, you might have noticed an intense set of film directors, producers and stylists fashioning a tall, luminous redhead. The StyleCaster team has just wrapped another one of our short films. This time around, we were ecstatic to work with a ravishing, electrifying model/writer/actress/cool girl by the name of Jessica Joffe. Somewhere in her busy schedule, Jessica was able to play muse and leading lady for us StyleCasters.

Our short film will be up soon and I don’t want to spoil the fun by spilling too much information. Let’s just say that what you will see on film is only half the story. Her seductive catwalk is enchanting but her on-set jokes were downright hilarious. More to come on Jessica when we launch. I need to expose this quick-witted comic in all of her redheaded glory.