STYLECASTER MAKEOVER: A Winter Workaholic Gets Spring Pretty

STYLECASTER MAKEOVER: A Winter Workaholic Gets Spring Pretty
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When work is occupying and taxing your time, anything that does not fall under the basic, human hygiene umbrella (i.e., brushing your hair,washing your face, etc.) is considered unnecessary. Especially in New York, it’s hard to maintain your highlights and manicured nails when the city provides a million other stressors and distractions.

Laila Sharaf and her beauty regime had fallen by the wayside as her work became increasingly demanding. StyleCaster called upon H&M, the hair stylists and colorists of ARROJO salon and makeup artist Ryan B. Anthony to help spruce up Laila’s look. Janice Chou

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Studio images by Joseph D’Arco; On location images by Janice Chou

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Laila's before image

Clothing at H&M. Laila has been in a little bit of a wardrobe rut, mainly attributed to the depressing wintry weather. However, Laila was already turning towards the inevitable summer heat and the summer fun evenings ahead! Therefore StyleCaster's creative director Emily Finkbinder wanted to play up Laila's personality in her dress.

She wanted to incorporate more sprightly colors and flattering cuts that play up Laila's petite torso. Ultimately, Finkbinder selected this H&M maxi dress, "This chiffon dress – although flowy – is really flattering on Laila because it showcases her shoulders and fits across the waist. I could see Laila wearing this to a summer wedding out in the Hamptons."

Hair coloring with colorist Ashley Kowalsky of ARROJO. Considering Laila barely has time for a proper cut, finding the two salon hours needed to maintain her hair color would be a challenge. ARROJO colorist Ashley Kowalsky kept Laila's strapped time in mind when picking Laila's new color and avoided a drastic change to ensure there's no sharp line of demarcation as her hair grows out. Kowalsky explains, "I was playing with natural tones: warm caramel and browns. Laila's hair is such a rich brown color, so the highlights were a way to add texture and warmth to her overall color."

Haircut with stylist Emily Carroll of ARROJO. Because Laila found it hard to steal away for salon time, she'd been giving herself quick trims at home. ARROJO stylist Emily Carroll explains, "[Laila's haircut] didn't have any layers and it was way too long. Being that she is such a busy girl and she doesn't have a lot of time to cut every four weeks or style her hair every day, I wanted to keep the length. So I just took it up to just below her collar bone to keep it looking healthy and layered it from the front so she'd have a nice bounce when she styled her hair – and then she can also wear it curly as well." To keep her cut healthy, Carroll recommends Laila begin using a thermal protector and a deep conditioner with keratin in it to keep her hair silky, smooth and sleek.

Makeup with artist Ryan Anthony. Laila needs makeup that will be simple to apply but give her a refined look. Makeup artist Ryan Anthony warmed Laila's face with NARS bronzer in Laguna and he added, "Instead of using black [eye liner] to rim her eyes, I used a light grey liner which will give a smokey affect but will make her eyes pop a little more."

Final Reveal. Tah-dah! Laila's final look made her feel, "Super glamorous! It was a full on Cavalli red carpet moment!" We couldn't agree more! With her super polished hair with extra bounce and sultry makeup, Laila looks as if she's ready for a beach party right now!

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