STYLECASTER MAKEOVER: College Girl Gone Sassy!


Being petite is a double edged sword. While petite ladies can pull off a mini-skirt and heels without looking like a hussy, they often complain they are negatively mistaken for being much younger i.e., being handed children’s menus till teenage years and asked if you’re looking forward to graduation after working full time for five years.

When tiny Angela Ly came into the StyleCaster studio for her makeover, her diminutive size and sweet face made her look far younger than an NYU freshman. Moreover, her shorter height offset her mature disposition and college age. StyleCaster called upon Club Monaco, hair stylist Clyde Elezi of The Drawing Room and makeup artist Kim White to help make Angela over for an age appropriate look!

Clothing at Club Monaco

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Angela’s regular dress is limited to jeans and a basic top for a casual and minimalist look. While Angela’s look is suiting for class, Angela needed a new look for her weekend nights. StyleCaster‘s creative director Emily Finkbinder wanted Angela’s final look to skew towards Angela’s younger age, bringing her clothing choice up to her age but not surpass it.

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Angela’s height (and age) means she can pull off a mini-skirt. “This feathered mini-skirt is so fun and age appropriate for Angela. It’s more of an evening look, but doesn’t feel forced on her smaller frame,” explains Finkbinder. To polish the look, Finkbinder topped Angela’s look with a balanced blazer and layered top. Also, the darker color palette makes Angela’s look a little older and more city appropriate.

Hair at The Drawing Room

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Despite its long length, Angela’s hair was extremely low maintenance, style-wise. Hair stylist and salon owner Clyde Elezi of The Drawing Room felt that Angela’s hair was hiding her face and he wanted to restore the balance between face and hair. Elezi proposed to Angela a pretty dramatic cut she lost 3/4 of her hair’s length in favor of a bob and donating her hair to Locks of Love , a non-profit that provides hairpieces to children with hair loss due to medical diagnosis.

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Angela quickly agreed to the cut and donating her hair. Elezi expands, “Donating your hair is reason enough to cut your hair short but then you’re going to look fantasticIt’s going to be a bob a little bit modern and it’s going to be a graduated bob to give you a little bit more volume. Having it angled in the front will give some illusion of having length but the bob will be shorter in the back.” Without even the slightest hesitation or flinch, Angela’s long locks were cut down to an adorably sleek bob that opened up her face and brought her haircut up to her age!

Makeup with Kim White
On a daily basis, Angela admits, “I do not wear makeup except mascara.” Given Angela’s younger age, she does not need to slather on makeup, which can erroneously age her and neglect her youthful glow.

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Rather, Angela’s makeup makeover was about picking and choosing the key areas to hone in on and pump up. Makeup artist Kim White explains, “[Angela] has such a sweet face. I kind of wanted to focus on her cheeks pretty hard, so we went with peaches and oranges layered on top of each other just to keep her fresh and young.”

The Final Reveal
“I feel fantastic! [Makeup artist Kim White] did an amazing job with the makeup and I love my new hair style. It is definitely a major change from my simple long hair. It’s edgy and cute!” exclaims Angela Ly about her makeover’s final reveal.

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Blake Blazer, $229; Taryn Tank, Clarice Skirt, $249 available at ShopBop. All clothing available at Club Monaco. House of Harlow necklace, $175,Singer22; Miss Sixty Shoes, $99, available at Nordstroms.

Although Angela may be young and petite, her makeover brought her look up to an age appropriate look. Opening up her face with shorter hair and then warming her complexion with complimentary blush gave Angela a brighter and modern look!

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Vera Coat, $349; Daria Sweater, $149; Vanessa shirt, $69; Duff skirt, $149; Dana Hat, $69; knee highs, $5. All clothing available at Club Monaco.

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