StyleCaster Daily Mirror Roundup – The Most Stylish Members This Week


For us, getting dressed in the morning usually goes a little something like this: 1) put on previously conceptualized outfit from the night prior; 2) immediately nix said outfit and throw on bed; 3) thumb through closet for approximately five minutes searching for new inspiration; 4) try on new outfit in a rush and decide it’s not chic enough; 5) repeat cycle.

So how do we finally decide on that perfect outfit for the day ahead? It seems that what ends up making or breaking our final outfit decisions is that little something called the “It” factor. In other words, is there something special that ties the whole look together? If the answer is no, onto the bed the clothes go. Below, we’ve found a few looks that StyleCaster’s members uploaded to their Daily Mirrors this week that pass our “It” factor criteria.

Madeline Rakosky
& Nadia Froufrouu
91618 1273077557 StyleCaster Daily Mirror Roundup   The Most Stylish Members This Week
What might just seem like your average off-to-class ensemble is pulled together nicely by Madeline’s headscarf (left) and it doesn’t hurt that the pretty purple hue pops. Plus, it’s the perfect accessory to turn a bad hair day into an outfit that’s street style-worthy.

Everyone has a basic cable knit sweater lying around in their closets. The trick is, how do you get it to come off modern, not matronly? Channel Nadia’s look (right) by pairing your knit pieces with a standout pair of leather pants for a look less ordinary.

Sara N.
91615 1273077140 StyleCaster Daily Mirror Roundup   The Most Stylish Members This Week
Pulling off a hair bow this big takes some panache. But ever since Marc Jacobs put the oversized hair accessory on the runway, there are plenty of (more subtle) copycats to choose from. Take a note from Sara and pair stand-out accessories with more basic pieces such as this denim blue jacket and LBD.

Kim Jacobs:
91617 1273077159 StyleCaster Daily Mirror Roundup   The Most Stylish Members This Week
Maxi dresses are big for this spring and summer, but as Kim demonstrates, keep the outfit simple to strike a stunning silhouette. Since a longer dress will hide your shoes, your best bet is to adorn your wrists and fingers with jewels or in Kim’s case, heavy metals.

Want to be considered for next week’s roundup? Upload your best outfit to our Daily Mirror section!

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