StyleCaster Ch-ch-changes


From Day 1, we at StyleCaster vowed to work tirelessly to create a web experience that would be intelligent, engaging and visually pleasing (comparable to my dating requirements). The last few weeks have been a serious challenge for all of us. Receiving feedback from our Alpha Testers has been equal parts rewarding, humbling, righteous and awakening. The curly-haired fellas in the front office at StyleCaster have basically stopped sleeping and started redesigning the entire site… AGAIN!  We are still set to launch in the beginning of ’09 and I can only promise you one thing; We are doing this for you!!!

Be patient and stay tuned to our Pre-Launch StyleCast. Our amazing network of friends and influencers are all involved in creating a completely new, dynamic experience on the web.. just for you! Expect to see familiar names in the fashion industry involved in contributing – guest styling, writing, acting, skipping, jumping and just being (cool, that is).

I will update you more frequently… promise!

One cool thing to note – Our strategic partners from Last Pictures created a hilarious short film that has been accepted by Sundance! It looks like the entire team will be reporting news from Salt Lake City come next month!


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