Community Trend Watch: Bold Prints

Jessica Rubin
Community Trend Watch: Bold Prints
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One of the most exciting aspects of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and creative life in general is the constant hunt for the next trend or idea that will influence and evolve the way we go about our daily lives. This constant movement is one of the reasons style — especially when its completely original — is so exciting. One of our favorite ways to track trends and predict what will come next is by looking to you, our lovely readers, and what your favorite indulgences and inspirations are. With the launch of the new, staying up to date on what our stylistas are crushing on has never been easier.

We’re looking to you to determine what the trend of the moment is! Every week, we’ll be doing a round-up of a common theme and including the community members who sculpted that week’s trend in a slideshow.

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The results of each week’s “Community Trend Watch” will be posted on Fridays- so check back to see if your post was included!

This week, it was all about bold prints. Maybe it’s the miraculous warm weather or the stylish energy surging through our souls after a fabulous fashion month, but everyone seems ready to take a bit of a risk. Some StyleCaster members chose to show their love of a good print through a personal ensemble while others turned to editorials and interior decoration to express their print-hungry style aesthetic.

Click through the slideshow above for nine StyleCaster submissions that got us thinking, “Are we doing enough with the prints in our closet?”

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From left: Candy Toes posted by Rolly Robinson, Patterns and Colors posted by Amanda Lauren, Victoria Beckham Rocks a Swimsuit posted by Melito820.

From left: MK & A for Elle UK posted by sartorialgirl, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton posted by bretteallen, Blossoms In posted by SweetPromises.

From left: We The Urban (Graffiti Room) posted by Summer K,
Neiman Marcus Tumblr posted by Neiman Marcus, Tommy Ton for posted by melindalberman.

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