Style Tips: What to Wear on a Date


So you’ve got a date all lined up and you’re feeling good. Sometimes what to wear on the date is more stressful than the date itself. Ladies, communication is key. By finding out more about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing you can ease your sartorial stresses in a second.


Super Casual:

If you’re going to be bowling, hitting a sporting event, or doing something outdoors, you want to know that ahead of time so that you can leave the spiked ankle booties at home. Consider a pair of comfy leggings with flats and a longer plaid button down shirt (remember, leggings aren’t actually pants) to incorporate one of the season’s hottest trends.


Dinner and Drinks:

If you’re going the traditional dinner or drinks route, I don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of chic jeans, heels, and a top (try a luxe fabric like silk or satin). Throw on a blazer or leather jacket and you’re good to go. Depending on how formal the restaurant or bar is, you can dress this look up or down with jewelry and accessories. It doesn’t hurt to ask if a place is dressy if you aren’t sure.


A Wedding or Holiday Party:

Let’s face it. Guys like to see a little skin, even in the colder months. Consider a one-shoulder dress or wearing a neckline that dips a little low in the front or back. This hint of skin will definitely make an impression without showing off all of the goods. You do not want to be the girl that everyone is talking about unless they’re saying how lovely you are.

Final Tip:

Of course, you should always be who you are, but a first date is not the place to make your ultimate fashion statement. You want to feel comfortable and let the focus be on you, not your peacock feather coat or Balmain shoulder pads.

Victoria Namkung is the co-founder of the popular blog My Very Worst Date, which features war zone reporting from the dating trenches.