Style Standoff – Madonna v. Fergie In The Battle Of The Goth Girls

Kerry Pieri

L to R: Madonna Leaving Alto Club In London; Fergie out and about in Paris. Photos:

When two pop divas take to the streets of Europe clad in laced-up leather pieces better suited for the emo kids at your local high school, it can only mean one thing it’s time for a style standoff. We may not be swooning over either look, but one chanteuse has to come out on top, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Since Madge’s divorce, she seems to be taking more style cues from her teen daughter Lourdes than her good friends Dolce & Gabana. Outfitted in black bubble shorts, lace-up punk boots, and some sort of slashed and studded leather creation, the Material Girl clearly dressed for a night out at the club that is, Alto in London. Finishing her look with mesh fingerless gloves and a hipster-inspired fedora, we like to say that Madonna can get away with anything, but we can’t help but feel like she’s dressing to fit in with the younger kids.

Meanwhile, Fergie started out strong in sleek leather leggings, but faltered by going overboard with a mesh studded top, some sort of cropped leather cape (take that Andr Leon Talley!) and peep-toe lace-up black leather booties. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, the pop star added a pair of those black leather glove-bracelet hybrids. Doesn’t the Black Eyed Pea know it’s all about balance with leather and not looking like you stepped out of a Harley Davidson convention in Vegas? At the last second Fergie pulled out her patent leather Chanel, earning her points at least for carrying a good bag.

Winner: We’re giving this one to Fergie for the chic pants and Chanel, but she’s getting zero props for styling. But what say you of the winner of this gothic style standoff? Let us know in the comments!

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