Style Off: Rihanna Vs. Katy Perry

Liz Doupnik

style off rihanna vs katy perry1 Style Off: Rihanna Vs. Katy PerryWho doesn’t love a power ballad? Or better yet, who doesn’t love a power duet? We sure do, that’s for sure. So, you can only imagine our excitement when we learned that Rihanna and Katy Perry are joining forces to create what’s sure to be the biggest dance track of the year.

We’re stoked to see that they’re leaving the bad boys behind and focusing on their careers. These crazy strong ladies have definitely been around for a moment, perfecting their personal style with just a few hiccups along the way (which is more than we can say for ourselves).

These BFFs have clearly been inspiring each other in and out of the recording studio, with their intense outfit choices seemingly growing everyday. We decided to turn the two against each other in the name of frenemies everywhere and pose a healthy little style competition.

On the one hand, we have Rihanna, who totally isn’t afraid to take risks or bare some skin. She’s been able to transition from island diva to gritty hipster in some of her videos, all the while making us beyond jealous. Then on the other, there’s Katy Perry whose steadfast style typically goes with a deliciously girly reference, no matter what color her hair is.

So, who do you think wins this style tug of war? Katy or Rihanna? You tell us yours and we’ll tell you ours! Register as a user and post your opinion in the comment section below.