Style Du Monde on What It’s Like to be a Street Style Photographer

In the lead up to New York Fashion Week, we’re profiling the photographers who make your favorite street style snaps happen: From the up-and-coming rookies with real talent to the established big-guns whose work you see everywhere.

Style Du Monde is a Belgium-based street style blog run by up-and-coming photographer, Acielle (yes, Acielle blogs under a first name only.) Since launching back in 2008, Acielle’s work has been featured in Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, and across all the major online stores, including Net-a-Porter and Farfetch.

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Style Du Monde captures real life fashion on stylish sidewalks across Europe–and at all the major fashion weeks–which is shared across the blog and to an impressive fan-base of 146,000 Instagram followers. We asked Acielle about the best bloggers and editors to shoot, competition in the industry, and what a career as a street style photographer really looks like.


StyleCaster: Are you a street style photographer full time?

Acielle: I’m a full time street style freelance photographer. I shoot street style during fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris and then sell both for print and online use. Besides that I also have my online shop through RewardStyle.

StyleCaster: What made you launch Style Du Monde and how did you do it? 

Acielle: I have always been passionate about fashion. We had lots of fashion magazines at home. Even at a younger age I made my own clothes, etc. Photography came a bit later. My father was also a photographer, he developed the pictures in the dark room, so photography has always fascinated me.

When I started Style Du Monde in 2008 I was inspired by the early work of the Facehunter. I really liked the style of people he was photographing. I took my first street style pictures in the streets of Antwerp. After a few months I started shooting during Paris Fashion Week. The scene was a lot less crowded back then: Less bloggers and photographers.

StyleCaster: Is it competitive during fashion week among street style photographers?

Acielle: It surely is. There are over a hundred photographers all trying to catch that perfect shot. But fashion weeks are also places where you create new friendships and share great moments with your colleagues.

StyleCaster: What do you think sets your photos apart from other street style photographers?

Acielle: I go for the editorial style full body look, clear backgrounds, with a certain feel of movement.

StyleCaster: Do you have any up-and-coming street style photographers you follow?

Acielle: I wouldn’t say he’s up-and-coming but I enjoy Pierfrancesco Celada‘s unique take on street style fashion.

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StyleCaster: Who are your favorite street style stars to capture and why?

Acielle: I love to shoot people who are fun and playful in front of the camera: Anna Dello Russo, Chiara Ferragni, Michelle Elie, Ming Xi, Eva Chen, just to name a few … In general, I only shoot people who’s style I like for Style Du Monde.

StyleCaster: Do you develop a relationship with street style stars or bloggers you shoot at fashion week?

Acielle: Fashion week shoots are super hectic, running from one show to the other. But sure, whenever I get the opportunity I will have a little chat with them.

StyleCaster: What does an average day and week look like for you?

Acielle: Being a street style photographer is more than just taking beautiful pictures. You are also photo editor, social media manager, brand researcher, marketing and relationship manager, salesperson, web designer, site administrator, news and trend hunter, eager learner, accountant and above all a passionate lover of everything that involves fashion and photography.

StyleCaster: How to you market your blog as a business?

Acielle: Besides STYLEDUMONDE.COM I maintain six social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Google +.