Style Diaries: Have A Little Fun With Your Fur

Liz Doupnik

liz 11 Style Diaries: Have A Little Fun With Your Fur

I’m going to go ahead and admit how stressed out I get by getting dressed in the morning, most nights and definitely the weekends. As much as I absolutely love it, I’m typically waiting on dry cleaning or laundry (which is totally my own fault). With that, there’s a lot of times when there’s a slim pickin’ of some of my favorite pieces. I have this one hoodie from an army surplus store that often goes missing during the week’s craziness.

Considering the fact that I’m legitimately always cold (just ask my fellow StyleCasters), I have to look for creative ways to stay warm without feeling bogged down by layers and layers of clothes that result in instant sweating when I run to a meeting or do a quick outdoor shoot. Needless to say, it appears that all of my prayers have been answered with the fur Daniella Kallmeyer hood. Not only is this little guy comfy and cozy, it makes sense.

How many times do you love a jacket but it’s just not quite warm enough sans hood, hat or scarf? Since I had a major look going on up top, I decided to keep the rest of my outfit minimal and pretty neutral. I went with my standards 1960s influences, tapping the Beat generation as a main reference this time. I went with a favorite over-sized sweater I scored at Good Will and my favorite pair of leather shorts from Topshop. In terms of accessories I played with a more feminine approach with a Gypsy Redux necklace and vintage rings.

I like how this offset the hood instead of making me look like Daryl Hannah from Clan of the Cave Bear. Plus, this look is totally easy to do yourself (just go to town on an ex’s sweatshirt!). Have fun and stay warm during this schizophrenic weather!

liz 21 Style Diaries: Have A Little Fun With Your Fur

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