Style Diaries: Experimenting With Adulthood

Liz Doupnik

puddingto myphoto1 Style Diaries: Experimenting With AdulthoodHave you ever splurged on a gorgeous dress you knew didn’t necessarily fit your style? You tell yourself that it’d be good to branch out, to try another look for once and to stop repeatedly buying the same three items of clothing over and over again? Yeah, me too. I’m a bona fide repeat offender when it comes to scooping up 1960s dresses and vintage t-shirts, I can’t help it – I think it might be some sort of complex or something. In any case, in an attempt to branch out and frankly, grow up, I’ve started to venture out of my comfort zone and test dresses that are a bit more adult and structured and little less London Youthquake.

Does this mean I’m sacrificing what feels like to be a natural expression of myself just to present a different version of myself to others? I don’t think so. Although I don’t think I’m losing myself, I do find however, a challenge in what’s an updated version of my style. So, it was with this installment of Style Diaries and a killer dress by Cut25 that my own person dilemma stared me right in the face.

With the texture of the dress (which I totally loved), I knew that the rest of the outfit really needed to stay simple. Never one to opt for heels unless completely necessary, I decided on my grey Jeffrey Campbell creepers, which although have seen better days, are still one of my favorite go-tos for footwear. Unwilling to release the shoes from my grips just yet, I resorted to the ever friendly duct tape to maintain the sole in tact (OK, kind of grungy, so sue me). But, to be honest, that’s the vibe I was shooting for.

I’m not a girly girl. Yes, I have an affinity for dresses but always in a very tomboy way. The girls who always look completely put together are like aliens to me – I don’t know how they do it. So, instead of forcing myself to be something I’m not, I decided to just go with my grungy goodness and tone down the body con number, which was enough of a statement within itself. Resorting to my trusty leather jacket, which has gotten me through some of the worst winters, break-ups and parties, I felt both myself but with a new angle on my personal style.

So, the moral of the story? Experimenting with ‘adult’ clothes can be scary but can totally pay off so long as you’re sure to incorporate other wardrobe staples that are purely you. And with that, you’re sure to knock any outfit out of the park. Tell me about your own adventures of playing with new looks in the comment section below!

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