Style Crush: Alison Mosshart of The Kills

Liz Doupnik

Rockstars have been a pinnacle of delectable style for quite some time. We never cease to be amazed when we discover a performer whose approach to both their music and their closet is completely innovative, individual and unaffected by commercial expectations. Who else fits the bill than the Kills’ frontwoman, Alison Mosshart?

It takes a certain kind of lady to stand out in a power group such as Dead Weather (hello, it takes a special kind of lady to share a spotlight with Jack White). With her ever-changing hair color and penchant for drainpipe trousers, this belting beauty not only snagged a spot as a performer for Marc Jacobs’ show last fashion week, she’s also contributed to Vogue.

We’re loving how she isn’t afraid to embrace her tomboy side and look completely sexy in a ripped T-shirt on stage. Read on to see some of her top looks from the stage and more.