Style Advice From The Man Repeller And Rachel Roy (VIDEO)


So, you’re going on a blind date. Or you’re looking to impress after a bad breakup with your boyfriend. You’re surely wondering, ‘What do I wear?’ These are some sticky sartorial situations, indeed! Luckily, there’s a duo of expert dressers that is ready to dole out valuable pearls of style wisdom.

Our friend Leandra Medine, commonly known as The Man Repeller, has teamed up with fashion designer Rachel Roy to dispense advice about what to wear on Valentine’s Day. According to the video series on Rachel Roy’s website, nothing says “you’re the one” like a denim onesie, and all of the final looks are styled using pieces from the Rachel Rachel Roy collection.

As usual, all of the resulting looks are lady boner-inducing, but I think if there’s one day a year I’d want to focus on my man-getting tendencies, it’s Valentine’s Day. (So what? I like getting chocolates and flowers sue me.)

Watch one of the hilarious clips below, and you’ll be a fellow repellow in no time!

Photo: Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times