Stuff We Love: Padma Lakshmi Launches aTabletop Collection

Leah Bourne

padma Stuff We Love: Padma Lakshmi Launches aTabletop CollectionWhat doesn’t Padma Lakshmi have her entrepreneurial hands in these days? The model, Top Chef host, and best-selling author has just launched a collection of porcelain and glassware, and we are obsessed. Many of the motifs in the collection are based on traditional Indian decorative forms (not surprising given Lakshmi’s Indian heritage). For instance, rangoli, designs created in rice in the entrances of many Indian homes during Hindu festivals, and minakari, a highly detailed Persian enameling process, all play a role in this collection.
The vibrant colors including teals, deep reds, purples, and mint greens will add a glamorous touch to any table. The best part of the collection, though, is just how affordable it is. Nothing here will break the bank, and prices start at just $13. The handmade pleated glass vases pictured above range in price from $35 to $50 apiece.
The collection is available at