Stuff We Love: Finally, a Reusable Notebook

Alexandra Pauly

Wipebook2_1024x1024An eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper notebooks, the Wipebook is a whiteboard notebook ¬†you can reuse over and over again. Perfect for temporary doodles, notes, and ideas, the newest Wipebook comes with gridded, lined, and blank pages. You can even order a special version for composing music, or ask for a customized cover. And unlike normal whiteboards, Wipebook’s pages are designed to prevent ink from smudging and erasing too easily.
Currently, the original Wipebook is sold out and production of the Wipebook 2.0 is underway. Luckily, you can place a pre-order that will get you a Wipebook by the end of February. Say goodbye to those piles of old notebooks that clutter up your home!
Wipebook 2.0 by Frank Bouchard, from $29.99, available on
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