Stuff We Love: Behold the $6,600 Magazine

Leah Bourne

In 1996, Visionaire published its ‘Fashion Special’, and it sold out within weeks, redefining what magazines can look like in the process. Lucky for you, there is still an opportunity to own one. MR PORTER has secured an unopened portfolio from the original numbered run (number 239 to be exact). It features work from the likes of Messrs Jurgen Teller, Mario Testino, and Terry Richardson, who each interpreted collections from designers including Prada, Chanel, and Helmut Lang. The best part? The collection comes bound in a monogrammed leather case from Louis Vuitton.
Naturally, owning this piece of fashion history is going to cost you. To the tune of $6,600. But can you really put a price on wearable art?
Visionaire Fashion Special Limited Edition Portfolio In Leather Louis Vuitton Case, $6,600,