Stuff We Love: This May Be the Coolest External Hard Driver Ever

Leah Bourne

sphere2 Stuff We Love: This May Be the Coolest External Hard Driver EverWe’ll come right out and say it, chords, and random (but entirely necessary) gadgets like wireless access points drive us slightly crazy. There is simply no way to make them appealing to look at, and for the most part, hiding them entirely from view is simply not an option. The designers of LaCie’s Sphère, a silvery external hard drive that is about to make its debut, clearly think the same way.
The device not only looks like a gorgeous shiny orby, it also stores a whopping terabyte’s worth of digital files. The device is cast in silver-plated steel created by the French silversmith Christofle, and made in the same Normandy factory where Christofle produces all of its flatware and holloware. Yes, all you design aficionados are going to go gaga for this. What the tech lovers will freak over is that it has a 2.5-inch drive that allows for quiet, fanless operation, and it can be powered by an included USB 3.0 cord. So yes, while gorgeous, it is also quite functional.
The Sphère, $490, available for order
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