Stuff We Love: Every Billionaire Needs a Personal Submarine

Leah Bourne

spymaster orcasub 2 million submarine mock up pictures 0 Stuff We Love: Every Billionaire Needs a Personal SubmarineAs part of Harrods Technology Showcase 2.0 event, the famed British department store is selling none other than made to order $2 million personal submarines. Spymaster’s Orcasub that is pictured is just a miniature mock up of what your sub will look like, but when it is delivered your sub will be able to go 2,000 feet into the ocean and is equipped for two passengers.┬áThe battery-powered sub is piloted by using foot pedals and a joystick, each passenger is allotted 80 hours of life support.
Essentially, no yacht is going to be complete without one of these bad boys.

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