Stuff We Love: Cristal’s New Bottle Is Covered In 24-Karat Gold

Leah Bourne

img cristal jeroboam 142312251852 Stuff We Love: Cristals New Bottle Is Covered In 24 Karat GoldThere is nothing quite as exciting as popping a bottle of Cristal. Until now, that is. The famous champagne brand (beloved by everyone from rappers to dignitaries) is releasing its brand-new 2002 jeroboam—that’s a three-liter bottle—with a unique twist. Each beautiful bottle features an intricate, 24-karat gold lattice casing designed by artist Philippe di Méo, consisting of seven meters of gold joined at over 500 delicate points of conjunction. Only 25 bottles are going to be made available in US, so we suggest calling in that favor you have been saving now. We can only imagine that rap lyrics are being written about this very bottle as we type.
Louis Roederer’s Jeroboam 2002 by Cristal will be available September 5. For more information visit

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