Stuff We Love: New App Bond Takes the Headache Out of Gift Giving

Leah Bourne

iphone Stuff We Love: New App Bond Takes the Headache Out of Gift GivingWe understand the importance of sending a proper gift, we just don’t like the headache involved with actually doing it. That is why we were overjoyed to hear about a new app Bond that has its sights set on changing the way we give gifts. Here’s how it works: Open up the Bond app and pick a price that you are willing to spend. There are tabs for under $50, under $100, under $250, and a Splurge tab. Then you can start to browse. Gifts include everything form candles, to a bottle of wine, to even a vintage leather basketball. Pick your gift and then choose the recipient from your contacts. Here’s where it really gets good. If you know the address, you have the option to enter it yourself. If not, Bond will automatically send a text to that person prompting them to fill in their address themselves. Once an address is entered into the system and confirmed, it never has to be added again. From there, you enter credit card information one time, and every gift after that will be a breeze to send.
Want a personal touch to come with your gift? There is a Bond robot (yes, an actual robot) that will transcribe your digitally typed note into a handwritten letter. Watch it in action below!

The finishing touch is that each Bond gift comes in a special Bond gift box.
For more information on Bond head to the App store