Stuff We Love: A Members Club Opens In The Hamptons

Leah Bourne

092910_50_FINALHouston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is set to open Société du Vin in Bridgehampton this Memorial Day weekend. 100 members (membership is being limited) will have the privilege of paying $50,000 to join, with annual dues of $8,000 for the experience.
So what does that get you? The club occupies a potato barn in Bridgehampton, that Alexander spent $5 million remodeling. Early photographs show that the interior looks like nothing that exists in the Hamptons as of now. The club’s main priority is wine. Members can store their wine collection in either a simple industrial-style area or in one of the basement rooms outfitted with tables, chairs, and polished wooden shelving. There are also salon room where members can enjoy their wines and entertain guests.
It has been a few years since there have been truly exclusive clubs in the Hamptons? Remember waiting in line in Star Room back in the day? We are hoping that this spot brings some of that back to the Hamptons.
Société du Vin is at 204 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton, N.Y., (631) 537-9100.