Stuff We Love: The World’s First Instagram Gallery

Leah Bourne

Instagramers-Gallery-Miami-1Your favorite Instagram pics now have a chance at becoming real works of art. The first-ever Instagram Gallery has just opened in Miami, where visitors will be able to check out physical photographs from renowned “Instagrammers” from around the world. Pretty, pretty cool if we do say so.
The founder of the gallery, Phil Gonzalez, founded the blog to connect Instagram fans, and the gallery is the next step in furthering those aims.
The gallery has opened with a Miami-themed exhibit called “Through the eyes of the city’s top instagramers,” which highlights photos of Miami. And along with the debut of the gallery, a prize will be given away to a lucky “Instagammer.” Users will be able to enter the photo-day prize, and even win $1,000 a day or have the chance to win the grand prize of $100,000 for the best photo chosen by judges.
The gallery is located at 2324 North Miami Avenue, Miami. For more information visit

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