Stuff We Love: The World’s Most Expensive Champagne

Leah Bourne

de watre cuve brut ros 4n2qu Stuff We Love: The Worlds Most Expensive ChampagneSo this is what the world’s most expensive champagne looks like. The Champagne De Watère is a housed in a bottle that includes a numbered gold coin embossed with the De Watère emblem and a 1 carat diamond, which is hemmed in a transparent pouch and comes attached to the bottle. The case that the bottle comes in is handmade in Bavaria, Germany, from solid wood and is hand finished. The case is then wrapped in gold foil (naturally). This bottle of champagne is being offered to the public for the first time and costs a staggering $45,290.
Only 22,500 bottles of De Watère are being produced every year; 11,250 of each the Rosé and the Blanc. Only 20,000 of them (evenly divided between Rosé and Blanc) are available to the market. The remaining 2,500 bottles are being held by and for the family De Watè.
We for one will only be drinking the world’s most expensive champagne from now on, what about you?
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