Stuff We Love: Now You Can Wear 24-Carat Gold Shoes

Leah Bourne

goldshoes 800x524 Stuff We Love: Now You Can Wear 24 Carat Gold Shoes
So gold jewelry is de rigueur. And you’ve heard about celebs who love super-expensive gold-plated toilets. But now, an even more extravagant gold product has hit the market–gold shoes. Designer Alberto Moretti has crafted the world’s first 24-carat velvet shoes including a gold pump for women and a gold loafer for men.
Of course, considering these shoes are gold, be prepared to spend big to own them. Prices prices range between $2,500 to $5,000. The shoes are only stocked in only five stores worldwide: Harrods in London, Barneys in New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, The Swank in Hong Kong, and Level Shoe District in Dubai.
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