Stuff We Love: Versace Opening Massive Hotel In Dubai In 2014

Leah Bourne

Luxurious-Versace-hotel-to-open-in-DubaiSo you want to live all things Versace? Lucky for you a massive hotel and residence signed by Versace is set to open next summer in Dubai. Guests will have access to a lagoon, sandy beach, waterfront pedestrian promenade, male and female day spa and salon, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and, of course, a Versace boutique.
In total there will be 169 condominiums and 214 hotels rooms on the property. Expect rich fabrics, hand-cut marble, bespoke mosaics, and gold-etched vaulted ceilings (this is a Versace project after all). More than 100 specialists, including top stonemasons and mosaic artists from around the world are working on this, so its clearly a massive undertaking.
The Dubai outpost will be the label’s second luxury property in the world after the Palazzo Versace Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, which opened in 2000.