Stuff We Love: Tile, The World’s Largest Lost and Found

Alexandra Pauly

tile app large 650x444 Stuff We Love: Tile, The Worlds Largest Lost and FoundIf you’re constantly searching for your wallet or your car keys that just never be in the same place no matter how hard you try, Tile is your solution. This iPhone app syncs with tiny tiles that you can drop in your purse, attach to a keychain, or stick to any easily-lost item. The app remembers where it last saw your stuff so you can find anything in a snap. You can even trigger your tiles to sound an alert in case your phone somehow got buried under yesterday’s laundry.
Tile is also about community: friends and family member who also Tile can access the location of all your tiled items, so share the love and get them to sign up too. And though the range of Tile to your personal phone is 50 to 150 feet, you’ll get an alert if any other Tile user is within the vicinity of that thing you think you left at Starbucks or on the train, so you can get the exact location of that lost item. Basically, Tile is a worldwide lost and found, and we couldn’t be happier.
Tile, $19.95; preorder for Summer 2014 at
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