Stuff We Love: Now You Can SoulCycle At Home

Leah Bourne

SC.BIKE.ACult spin class SoulCycle launched on the Upper West Side of New York City in 2006, and has since gone on to become a cult craze—beloved by celebrities including Jake Gyllenhaal and Kelly Ripa. The class is so popular, people have been known to go multiple times in one day. Considering the classes cost upwards of $34 each that isn’t a cheap proposition. Well, for those die hard aficionados, there is now another option—just buy the Soulcylcle bike to have in your home.
Sold in signature yellow, the bike has been designed and produced by SoulCycle to match the brand’s indoor cycling workout, The SoulCycle Method.
This bike will set you back $2,200. But can you really put a price on having a sought after A-list body?
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