Stuff We Love: From Shipping Container to Traveling Luxury Hotel

Leah Bourne

SA_1Hoteliers and restaurateurs Geoffrey Stampaert, Didier Opdebeeck, and Ellen Wezenbeek have introduced the idea of “Sleeping Around” where visitors get to experience a pop-up in the form of a hotel.
Here’s how it works. Visitors request on the company’s site something that a stationery hotel can’t offer—a unique view for instance in a particular locale. The hotel has recently spent some time on the banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp which gave the pop-up views of St.Anna’s beach, for instance. Travelers can also check on Sleeping Around’s website to see if the hotel has moved to an area that they might be interested in.
Hotel “rooms” are actually 20 foot recycled sea containers which come complete with a box-spring bed, rain shower, iPod docking station, and even air conditioning.
Extra cool, the mobile hotel can be set up and fully functional within five hours of arriving at a location.
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