Stuff We Love: A Prince-Charles Worthy Kitchen (That You Can Actually Afford)

Leah Bourne

700 plain english british standard 3 Stuff We Love: A Prince Charles Worthy Kitchen (That You Can Actually Afford)
Prince Charles has been a staunch supporter of sustainable living for quite some time, and his Prince’s Foundation for Building Community collaborated with Plain English to build a model eco-friendly house, displayed at the Ideal Home show in London last year.
He was so thrilled with the results that Plain English is introducing a lower-priced British Standard Cupboard line inspired by the project.
The cabinets are built in the same Suffolk workshop as Plain English’s higher priced offerings, but customers will be responsible for collecting and installing the kitchen themselves. The cabinets are available in a range of sizes and configurations.
We wonder if this is what the kitchens at Clarence House look like?
The cabinetry starts at about $8,000 for an entire kitchen. Go to British Standard Cupboards for more information.