Stuff We Love: The NoMad’s Secret Drinking Cards

Alexandra Pauly

large nomad drinking cards thumb Stuff We Love: The NoMads Secret Drinking CardsIf you’re tired of the same old Manhattan or Cosmopolitan you can get at any bar, head to the NoMad in New York City and request their drinking cards (not listed on the menu). You’ll be presented with a deck of cards, illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton, that can be separated into two categories: types of alcohol (champagne, vodka, whiskey, etc.) and mood (a drawing of the Rolling Stones will get you an adventurous drink, peppers something spicy, Coco Chanel a classic cocktail). Choose four cards and leave your fate up to NoMad’s skilled bartenders.
The catch? You may not be granted these secret cards, even if you ask for them. They’re technically meant for friends of the house or those having trouble deciding on a drink, so put on your best indecisive act or cozy up to the NoMad’s bartender, award-winning mixologist Leo Robitschek.
$17 per bespoke cocktail, available at The NoMad.

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