Stuff We Love: Newspaper Pages Cut Like Embroidered Lace by Myriam Dion

Leah Bourne

Cut-Lace-Newspapers11-640x948-500x740Myriam Dion, a student at the University of Quebec, is proving that you can truly use anything to create art. Using old copies of the Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Cape Cod Times, among others, Dion cuts intricate lace-like patterns into newspaper pages, creating a stunning new piece of art from the existing page layout. Seriously, look at the above, would you ever know that was originally a newspaper?

Dion, who is currently working on a masters degree in visual and media arts, has work in numerous upcoming exhibitions including Pulse Miami, Art Toronto 2013, and Foire en art actuel de Qu├ębec.

Head over to Dion’s website to check out her complete range, she is definitely one to watch.