Stuff We Love: A Museum Dedicated to Handbags

Leah Bourne

simonebag Stuff We Love: A Museum Dedicated to HandbagsSeriously, what could be better than a museum dedicated to handbags? Kenny Park, the CEO of Simone Acc. Collection Ltd., a Korean based supplier of handbags for labels including Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch is behind the Simone Handbag Museum on Garosugil in Gangnam, which is essentially a girls paradise.
The Seoul museum houses more than 300 handbags over two floors including everything from Hermès Birkin bags to Alexander McQueen clutches to a “miser’s purse” from the 1820s. One of the most special pieces in the collection is the “sweetmeat” purse from 1590.
The museum was built over three years and the building cost $3.53 million with another $1.59 million spent on securing pieces for the collection.

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