Stuff We Love: Dylan’s Candy Bar Collaborates With Amazon

Lorein Abenhaim

dylans candy bar lollipop cover for kindle will only fit kindle kindle touch kindle paperwhite 12115 500 Stuff We Love: Dylan’s Candy Bar Collaborates With AmazonBring on the lollipops and gummy bears. Dylan’s Candy Bar just gave the Kindle a full-blown makeover thanks to a newly launched collection of tech accessories for the Amazon Kindle including covers and matching reading lights. Dylan Lauren, CEO and Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, told us: “I think the key to Dylan’s Candy Bar is people want to feel like a kid again, especially as you get older. Everyone loves candy and I think it’s just a great synergy. Instead of having them be very sophisticated—black and white—this is more fun and decorative.”
The covers are made for every type of Kindle, including the Fire and Paperwhite. With large swirl lollipops on the outside skin and multicolored stripes on the inside flaps, these covers make for an eye grabbing and vibrant way to style your kindle, and remind us of those old school Candy Land days.
Dylan’s Candy Bar “Lollipop” Cover for Kindle, $34.99,

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