Stuff We Love: Blackjet is Uber for Private Jets

Leah Bourne

4.1.1Call us spoiled, but each time we take off our shoes in preparation of getting onto a commercial flight we vow that it is the very last time. After all, people who fly private aren’t subjected to the hassle.
So when we heard about Blackjet, our ears perked up. Blackjet sells seats on flights, not entire planes, which means the experience isn’t totally private. There is simple online booking, and users of course get to skip the security process (not required in private airports) that has become the bain of travelers around the world.
Blackjet charges members a $2,500 annual fee, deferred for now until you book your first flight. Once on the site there is a “Deals” section, which lists upcoming flights that have available seats. Deal seats are offered at a 10 to 20 percent discount from the regular seat offerings. Regular priced seats cost between $1,700 and $3,500 (a  bargain when you consider how much it costs to charter a private jet).
The service currently has flights between New York, LA and South Florida, and travel to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, DC, Boston, Dallas and Seattle is coming online by Spring 2013. They are also happy to charter flights to any destination at more traditional rates.
Consider us sold.
The membership code “LSNEWSVIP” gets you access to the site. For more information visit

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