Stuff We Love: Alain Ducasse Opens a Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Boutique

Leah Bourne

35 1alain ducasse duc3026 rgb Stuff We Love: Alain Ducasse Opens a Bean to Bar Chocolate BoutiqueAs if we didn’t admire famed chef Alain Ducasse (pictured) enough he has gone ahead and opened Le Chocolat, a bean-to-bar chocolate boutique and factory in Paris.
Run by chocolatier Nicolas Berger, and located near the Bastille, guests can view chocolate-making through a glass partition from the shop area and then the best part of course is that they can buy said chocolate. The chocolate is made from beans sourced from Peru, Ecuador, Java and other locales around the world (only the best of the best here).
Le Point did a video tour of the space, which is worth watching even though it is entirely in French (Le Chocolat is that impressive).
Salivating yet? We are booking a flight to Paris as we type.
Le Chocolat, 40 Rue de la Roquette, Paris;